How To Buy Flow

Flow is a new blockchain built for the next wave of crypto adoption.
You can buy and sell the FLOW token on cryptocurrency exchanges.


Exchange Live Buy
Kraken Yes Buy
OKEx Yes Buy
CoinList Yes Buy
Huobi Yes Buy
FTX Yes* Buy Yes Buy
Binance Soon Buy
Coinbase Soon Buy
Mandala DEX Soon Buy

* futures market

Why Flow

Flow is a blockchain built for the next generation of apps, games, and the digital assets that power them. Designed from the ground up as a foundation for internet-scale protocols and applications that require exceptional user experience. Ready for the mainstream.

Trusted and backed by a growing number of top technology providers and global brands, including Google, Samsung, Coinbase, T-Systems, NBA, UFC, Dr Seuss, Turner, Genies, Animoca, Ubisoft, Warner Music Group, etc.

Supported by a big global community: the Flow CoinList fundraiser had about 13,000 purchasers from more than 100 countries. Thousands of community members actively engage in and contribute to Flow every day.

Learn more about Flow by visiting the official Flow website. To delve deeper, check out the Flow Primer and documentation for builders.

How to buy FLOW in the US and Canada

Flow tokens are unfortunately not yet available to buy, sell and trade in the United States or Canada.

Lean back, we'll notify you as soon as this changes!

How to hold FLOW in a wallet

An easy-to-follow guide that covers all of the steps in detail will appear here shortly. Allowing anyone to comfortably hold FLOW in their own wallet or with a custodian of choice.

Flow Wallets:

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